Hello! I’m Elaine …a Clinical Herbalist, Iridologist, detox specialist, traditional food lover & fermentation revivalist dedicated to helping others use traditional food as medicine to heal at the root cause.  My mission is to be a health detective for myself and others and evoke the natural healing process that our body innately has in order to wake-up & feel alive again!

I have a primal passion in helping others re-aquire traditional skills, to re-educate and inspire healthy living methods from the past into our fast-paced modern world.

Just like me, I want everyone to embrace the art of fermentation and healthy bacteria as our health promoting, food preserving and protective friends; to appreciate the magic that our microbiome has and the importance of incorporating natural probiotics into our daily routine! XO

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Facebook:  @theherbalmama & Elaine Doucette

Instagram: @theherbalmama

Twitter: @theherbalmama

YouTube: theherbalmama 

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Formally trained and certified by the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies, I  received a Diploma in Plant Spirit Medicine (now called “Earth Medicine”).

My areas of focus in college were as follows:

-Herbal practicum with clinical work using Iridology and Biofeedback machine diagnostics, custom herbal formula blending at the apothecary in Earth’s Aromatique (Optimum Health Vitamins circa. 2008-2012)

-Aromatherapy practicum; steam distillation! Making essential oils, the best school ever! We made spruce oil & hydrosol, fireweed hydrosol, as well as spearmint oil & hydrosol collection on that too.

-Herbal & Aromatherapy thesis on women’s health and hormonal cycles with TCM biological poetry.

I currently offer fermentation & cleanse group events online and locally in Edmonton, AB, Canada.  Keep reading down below & find out how to stay in touch with me!

Ferment on,

Elaine Doucette Cl.H xoxox


To book a clinical consultation or e-mail me: or

contact Pure Health Naturally on 124 Street Edmonton for Iridology, Herbal, Nutrition & Detox support: 

Call: 780-488-7873 (PURE)




Go to the EVENTS page for the latest fermentation and detox events.

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My industry alliances stand strong:

  • FES (Flower Essence Society) – Since 2007
  • WAPF (Weston A Price Foundation) – Since 2010
  • WISE (Waldorf Independent Society of Edmonton) – Since 2011
  • NHPPA (Natural Health Products Protection Association) – Since 2008
  • CCHC (Citizens for Choice in Health Care) – Secretary since 2011
  • Northern Star College Alumni – Grad ’08
  • Alberta Farmers’ Market Association – 2016

Blessings to all the herbal mamas’ of the world! Bringing unconditional love to the heart and hearth of every home, helping to inspire a neo-traditional revival of ritual feasting on earthy food-based medicines, together, with community, we are one.

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  1. Hello,

    I am wondering if you have another seminar on Dairy-Free Nut cheese, cultured salad dressings and vegan Caesar booked…I am unable to attend the November 3 at Optimum Health due to being out of the country and I am so sad to miss this one!! Please please tell me you have another one coming soon!!!

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  2. I just bought the Rainbow Salsa-Kraut at the Strathcona County Farmer’s Market in the Agora Center. I literally had to stop myself from eating the ENTIRE jar. It is savoury and tangy and all-around delicious!! Thank-you from a very satisfied customer.

    1. Post
  3. Do you have products you sell out of Sherwood park besides Farmers Market? I am look foods that have been through fermentation; Kiefer, kimchi. I wouldn’t be interested in the course because I am so busy with work howevery I am really interested in purchasing those products. I have stomach issues all the time, I sometimes do even like to eat, I have been tested for every thing possible they come back with IBS which is so broad, to me if they can’t figure things out you are labeled under that category I hate to say.

    1. Post

      Hello Brenda! We don’t currently have any other Sherwood Park days. If you are ever in Edmonton we can meet you on Whyte Ave. We can also arrange a delivery for a fee. Please email me your order. Check out the products page on this website for a product menu and prices. We only sell water kefir products, no milk. Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hello Kerry! I used to sell at the Alberta Farmers’ Markets, but now mostly do workshops! I will put you on my email list to learn about new workshops in Edmonton and area!

    1. Post

      Hello Sophie! I just planned out the rest of the Fall season and the rest of 2017… crazy eh? Mid-October I will include a cashew cheese workshop with the liver cleanse program and the beginning of November in my 8 Weeks to Gut Wellness course there will be a focus of properly soaking nuts and other foods to make dairy free goodness… I literally don’t know what I would do without cashew cheese in my life xoxo

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