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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I love The Herbal Mama Fermented Foods & Probiotic Pop Workshops!


I love The Herbal Mama Liver Detox program and her water kefir recipes!


I refer my own clients to The Herbal Mama Detox 101 programs!



Slow Cooker Rules

The colder season in Alberta (half the year) is a great time to use a slow-cooker… in my kitchen bone broth and root tonic teas are in my crock pot[…]

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Purple Kraut

The MOST popular ferment of them all is definitely the Purple Kraut. Yes, it is made of red cabbage, but it has loads of purple pigments that offers so much[…]

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Gluten Free Dinner Buns

These savoury coconut flour buns are moist, delicious and most importantly gluten free. This recipe is identical to my coconut pancake recipe, except for the added herbs and lack of[…]

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