The ABC’s of Detox & Healing

A: Alkaline Minerals & Adrenal Support

B: Bowels & Gut Microbiome

C: Cleanse the Liver

Key factors of the ABC’s

(For the most gentle detox results for sensitive individuals, approach the ABC’s in order, one-at-a-time & take YOUR time)

A:  We all know we need to eat more fruits & veggies daily… to supply our body with alkaline minerals. eat a rainbow of colour on your plate daily including a variety of farm-fresh fruits & vegetables. Scientists now recommend 7-13, 1-cup servings daily to prevent Cancer and cardiovascular disease. I have given up on Ph testing, the most important thing is to eat more foods which contain alkaline minerals, mostly potassium & magnesium, this will offer the body & especially the liver proper fuel to buffer overly acidic foods, stressful emotions that cause hormone shifts… and other chemical toxins to maintain health.

In an overly acidic condition, also called acidosis,  disease will thrive such as: heart burn, indigestion, IBS, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, arthritis, bloating, Cancer & heart disease. (Alkaline diet 

In an overly alkaline condition, also called alkalosis, the following symptoms may present themselves: feeling like the “tortious” rather than the “hare”, constipation, heart burn, lethargy, depression and sleep problems.

The best concentrated forms of mineral rich foods are raw juice, sprouts, fermented vegetables, lemon water, spring water, chlorophyll, spirulina, sea weed, wild green herbs or weeds & wheat grass shots.  *Juice Plus+ has the most research for reducing inflammation which will alkalize the body quickly. It is a concentrated cold-pressed juice, dried into powder with the sugar removed & pulp, seeds, peels, & fibre intact!  *Juice Plus+ will optimally replace a multivitamin and offer much more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action!

A:  The adrenal glands are basically nerve bundles and nerves need MINERALS to thrive (see alkalize above!), they also love Adaptogenic herbs, healthy fats including fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K & CoQ10 (grass-fed butter, coconut oil, liver, desiccated liver pills & cod liver oil), Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, rest, enough sleep, meditation, restorative yoga, spinal health, good posture, breathing, positive thoughts and loving affirmations.

B: Healthy bowels & the gut microbiome has many levels to achieve thriving health and limit disease:

-Alkalize the gut environment (this again!)

-Probiotics & prebiotics:  fermented foods & drinks, dirt, root vegetables, polyphenols, no antibiotics and reduce chemical toxins.

-Bone broth: From grass-fed animals, gelatin, and collagen powder

-Fiber: flax seeds, chia seeds, vegetables, fruit, herbs, clay, diatomaceous earth, and dirt.

-Hydration: Minerals (more whole foods), magnesium, spring water, green leafy vegetables, cucumber, watermelon, herbal tea, drink ENOUGH clean water (3- 4 litres daily including tea).

-Grounded eating habits: calm down before you eat, breath-work & prayer before food or mindfulness meditation practice. Chew your food. Eating your meals on a daily rhythm: the circadian system in the brain thrives on this, or else inflammation will occur and confusion in cell communication causing over-eating.

-Reduced stress: the bowels have a complex nervous system wrapped around them and stress also increases inflammation which will create an imbalance in good vs. bad bacteria.  When the bad bacteria thrive they send negative messages to the brain to make unhealthy choices.

For information about my 8 Weeks to Gut Wellness program, click here!

dandelion for body cleanse, detox cleanse, cleanse diet, detox liver

CCleanse the liver with bitter herbs & food such as lettuce, spring dandelion greens, stems and flowers in the back yard & arugula.

-Milk Thistle, Schizandra, Dandelion and Chamomile are my favorite herbs for effective liver detoxification.

-*The Liver & Gallbladder Flush (olive oil & lemon juice) is the most effective way to clear the liver (try it before gallbladder surgery). The Herbal Mama has a guide and detox kit available. 

-Root vegetables & herbs help to support and build the liver cells. Dandelion root, burdock root & beetroot are some of the best. Bitter tasting vegetables & herbs literally help to release liver toxins and gall stones!

-Reducing stress, fried & packaged foods, hydrogenated oils, margarine, eat only organic & grass-fed animal products including butter. 

-Reduce animal protein! Protein is difficult for the liver to process, especialy animal protein.  In Asian cultures where their diet is higher in fat and plant foods while being low in protein, thrive far better than Western cultures low-fat and high protein diets, with little diversity in plant food.

The liver is the fat factory of the body, when it is  functioning properly it will help to harness fat metabolism which will allow the body to start using fat for energy (ketosis), burning up fat stores quickly. This will also help to assist the absorption of fat soluble vitamins: so important for adrenal health as mentioned above.

-Diabetes, glucose intolerance, autoimmune conditions, nausea, fat intolerances, uncontrollable cravings, mood swings and binge eating.

All those symptoms are a sign that you need to start at the beginning of the ABCs of detox and be your own health detective to sort it all out, also finding a health practitioner that can guide may be of great benefit 🙂 


Other detox programs available through The Herbal Mama:

The Smoothie Cleanse incorporates Shred10, 10 day detox program & and The Herbal Mama upgrades as well from my private online coaching support!

It is simple: Replace 2 meals with 2  smoothies per day.

You will also be taking 30 fruits & veggies in your Juice Plus+ capsules! (Approx. 5 servings of a diversity of plant foods).

The Shred10 program itself has 2 cookbooks that will help you to find more inspiration to cook tasty plant-based meals. There is also many smoothie recipes to choose from.

If you are interested in starting a detox program, contact Elaine Doucette Cl.H. with The Herbal Mama. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram @theherbalmama to find out about the latest programs streamed online and locally in Edmonton, AB. Contact me here.


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Blog Article 2009:

The Nature of Flower Essences & Homeopathic Medicine

Flower essence remedies and homeopathic medicines are incredibly similar in action.   They are non-toxic, subtle and powerful herbal dilutions that can be used safely by any human, animal or plant at any stage of life to promote balance and well-being.

Like homeopathic medicine, flower essences are vibrational in nature. They are diluted forms of herbal substances that contain the specific energy patterns of each flower or plant. The impact of healing is not a bio-chemical influence on the body; instead they work on the human electrical energy fields which influence mental, emotional and physical healing.


The key difference can be summarized as follows; flower essences work with the emotions, thoughts and behavioral patterns to allow a balanced state of mental and physical well-being. Homeopathics work conjunct with physical and mental symptoms to alleviate acute to chronic conditions. They guide the body to a homeostasis expression by emphasizing inherit natural wisdom in how to respond to disruptive environments, re-creating a healthy balanced state.

  1. The method of healing: Flower essences’ influence of action is compared to the emotional effects of hearing an inspiring song, or standing on top of a mountain to see the beauty of earth. Light and sound waves provoke feelings which indirectly affect our breathing as well as many other physical states in the body.       The resonance of the song is like the resonance of the flower essence influencing our senses and emotions. Flower essences are used for immediate relief from emotional trauma and stress to produce deep physical healing. Homeopathics will have a very similar action on a resonant level in treating physical ailments.   The theory ‘Like cures like’ is the basis of homeopathic medicine and states simply that similar natured elements can reverse each other. For example in a whole physical form coffee will affect a person by stimulating the adrenals and nervous system making a person edgy and alert. The homeopathic dilution of coffee (coffea cruda) can alleviate similar hyper-nervous symptoms such as anxiety and/or nervous insomnia.   Homeopathics can be used for immediate relief in acute conditions and used for a longer duration to heal chronic physical ailments.relax-and-be-patient
  2. The form in which they are extracted: Flower essences are flowers infused from the sun in a crystal bowl of pristine water. The mother essence forms as a concentrated layer of flower blossom water which rests on the top. This is collected then diluted, shaken with intention and preserved with brandy to provide the final healing blend. Environmental conditions are considered from the state of mind of the medicine maker to the biodynamics of the plants. Homeopathics are made initially as herbal tinctures. The mother tincture is made with alcohol and diluted at a 1:10 ratio with water and shaken or “succussed” for every step of dilution. The more diluted the more vibrational in nature promoting deeper cellular healing.       The term “CH” that you see on the remedies states the number of 1:100 ratio dilution series.pretty-love
  3. The method of use: Flower essences are most commonly used orally from a dropper bottle or spray, under the tongue or in a bit of water.       Consistency is very important.       The potency is increased by the frequency of dose.   Up to four times daily and over a 28 day cycle or longer. Sensitive individuals can typically use less. The best time for taking essences is the first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Planting the seed around the subconscious dream state is important for shifting behaviours and patterns. Homeopathic medicine is most commonly used orally in drops or pellets under the tongue or in a small amount of water. Again it is important to treat acute symptoms with a small dose every 20 minutes for a total of 6 doses to get results. To treat more chronic issues, the dose needs to be consistently taken every day, 2-4 times daily for a 28 day cycle or longer depending on how long the issues have been lingering.

What is the Essence of a flower? Essence is defined in the dictionary as: “the most important ingredient; the crucial element” or “the indispensable property that defines something”. The Flower Essence Society textbook states, “flower essences are highly effective and non-toxic herbal preparations that address core issues of wellness-especially emotions, stress, mental attitudes, spiritual attitudes and life values.” Flower essence therapy is nature’s psychotherapy: The intention to heal combined with a flower essence remedy can give the body and mind wisdom to assist in spiritual growth and physical well-being. If you can change your mind, you may change your life.