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Plant Spirit Medicine & Traditional Foods Made Modern

Why Detox?

Do you feel the call of a seasonal cleanse?  I sure do… dare I say: “Nature calls!” According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Springtime is the time to release the cold Winter Yin (phlegm, fat and all things lazy ‘old man winter’) and start harvesting the transition into Spring and building Summer Yang. The liver holds…
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Traditionally Fermented Foods

Did you know? There is a traditional way to make pickles, sauerkraut and other preserves? Fermentation will increase the naturally occurring vitamins, anti-oxidants, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria in any food. Quick method ferments produce a crunchy and MILD taste Acidophilus, friendly bacteria, cultured foods, and ferments are all “probiotics”, which means “pro-life” Traditional Ferments have…
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