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Dilly Kraut Recipe – Ferment Club

Because there are more beneficial bacteria in a spoonful of sauerkraut than there are in an entire bottle of probiotic pills, it is a great idea to join a ferment club near you! Look no further! There is a local Ferment-A-Month Club in Edmonton (YEG), Alberta, Canada… that is if you are living near Edmonton,…
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Making the Starter Ingredients: -1 Kombucha SCOBY -1⁄4 Cup (minimum) Kombucha starter liquid (from previous batch – FULL STRENGTH!) -1 Cup Sugar (Cane Sugar) -4 Tea Bags (4 Tablespoons loose) High Tannin Tea: black, green, red rooibos, white peony, assam, gynostemma, raspberry leaf. -12 Cups of Water (Fill vessel) Preparation: Boil water, make strong brew…
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Fermented Nut Cheeze

Cashews or almonds will work with this recipe… When I first attempted this, I asked a friend who knew a friend that sold it for a pretty penny… she told me that it is actually so easy!  Just google it. So I did. She was right, it is really easy! I love using this sour…
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Sour Flour Muffins

“Even oats deserve a soak” -Herbal Mama The benefits of rinsing, soaking, sprouting, and souring grains are plenty; Sourdough is the traditional way of making bread rise. During this slow souring process the grain becomes pre-digested, breaking down most of the gluten in spelt and wheat flours. Soaking, souring or sprouting grains will also break…
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Traditionally Fermented Foods

Did you know? There is a traditional way to make pickles, sauerkraut and other preserves? Fermentation will increase the naturally occurring vitamins, anti-oxidants, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria in any food. Quick method ferments produce a crunchy and MILD taste Acidophilus, friendly bacteria, cultured foods, and ferments are all “probiotics”, which means “pro-life” Traditional Ferments have…
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