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Plant Spirit Medicine & Traditional Foods Made Modern

Slow Cooker Rules

The colder season in Alberta (half the year) is a great time to use a slow-cooker… in my kitchen bone broth and root tonic teas are in my crock pot around the clock. Slow food made convenient is a trully nourishing way to live. If you’ve ever wondered how to use your fandangled slow cooker…
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Purple Kraut

The MOST popular ferment of them all is definitely the Purple Kraut. Yes, it is made of red cabbage, but it has loads of purple pigments that offers so much nourishment & nutrition! Polyphenols (starts with a ‘P’ much like purple 😉 ) are loaded in many plants with dark pigments, dark green like rosemary,…
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Gluten Free Dinner Buns

These savoury coconut flour buns are moist, delicious and most importantly gluten free. This recipe is identical to my coconut pancake recipe, except for the added herbs and lack of cinnamon + nutmeg. You can easily make cupcakes with the same spices in the pancake recipe.  These muffin buns stick badly to the tin, heavily…
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Detox 101- The ABC’s of Detox & Healing

The ABC’s of Detox & Healing A: Alkalize the Body & Adrenal Support B: Bowels & Gut Microbiome C: Cleanse the Liver Key factors of the ABC’s (For the most gentle detox results for sensitive individuals, approach the ABC’s in order, one-at-a-time & take YOUR time) 1. To effectively alkalize your blood you need MINERALS; eat…
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Semi-Sourdough Gingerbread Cookies

The benefits of ‘sourdough’ are plenty; it is the traditional way of making bread rise. During this slow souring process the grain becomes pre-digested, breaking down most of the gluten in spelt and wheat flours. Soaking, souring or sprouting grains will also break down phytic acid which binds with minerals; contributing to bone loss and…
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Herbs & Food for Menopause

In traditional cultures menopause marks a time for celebration, for this is when a woman has completed her childbearing years and will move into a deeper level of self-discovery and spiritual awareness. She is now a wise woman.  She will be looked up to and honoured, is counselled for her advice, and her opinions are part of…
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Wild Fermented Salsa

I wanted to call this the “Wild and Weird Salsa”, because of the ingredients, well mostly the one weird ingredient: Pomegranate seeds.  I kept thinking what red vegetable (I know it’s a fruit, I was just relaying my thoughts) would be a symbol for the holiday season. I made a red bell pepper and kale…
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Water Kefir

Did you know that Moonshine was originally named during prohibition when it was made under the “moon shine” so to be hidden at night. That’s NOT what kefir hooch is… at all!  And, I think I may be the only one that calls water kefir juice “Hooch”.  Myself and a dear friend shared a giddy and…
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