8 Weeks to Gut Wellness


Classes are available ONLINE & locally in Edmonton, AB: May 25th until July 13th 2017

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Remember, you are what your microbes eat!

Your gut, mouth, genitals and nose are host to millions of healthy bacteria that protect you. By digesting food and absorbing essential nutrients they assist your body to live and grow … to think clearly and maintain a healthy weight.

By keeping your microbiome in balance … it keeps you feeling healthy, in a good mood and energetic.

We now have an opportunity to learn how to take care of our microbiome through what we put into our body. We can heal ourselves and our families/children so that we live healthy fulfilling thriving lives.

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8 Weeks to Gut Wellness Program!

 8 Weeks to Gut Wellness & the Microbiome Overview

“All disease begins in the gut.”


Summer Shred10

Sustainable Detox & Weightloss Group!

-10 day detox program

-4 weeks to wellness

-Online Facebook support group

-Green smoothie recipes

-Free recipe books!

-The Herbal Mama upgrades & detox kits

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Past Workshops:

Spring Detox- Liver Flush Cleanse Group

April 17 – 23

Get in tune with the moon & try a 7-day liver-gallbladder flush

Registration is closed for the Liver Cleanse Group event!!

 April Workshops

March Fermentation Workshop Series

Connect with Pure Health Naturally

March Liver Flush Cleanse Group SOLD OUT!

The Herbal Mama is no longer available at Edmonton local Farmers’ Markets… Custom orders are available, contact Elaine for a product list. 


March 12th 2017

Get in tune with the moon & try a 7-day liver-gallbladder flush

February 16th 2017

Get in tune with the moon & try a 7-day liver-gallbladder flush

Fall into Healthy Living – Liver Flush Cleanse Group: 4 Thursdays starting November 24 from 5 – 7pm… DINNER is SERVED! Pure Health Naturally 124 Street, Edmonton, AB. Tickets available online.

Water Kefir & Kombucha Workshop: Saturday Evening, November 19, 7-9pm, at Earth’s General Store, Whyte Ave Location, Edmonton, AB. Online Tickets Available or purchase in store.

100213 Dehydrator Demo

 October Workshops:
Kombucha Making Class:  Thursday evening from 6-7:30pm, October 6. Pure Health Naturally 124 Street, Edmonton, AB
Sauerkraut 101: Thursday evening from 6-7:30pm, October 20. Pure Health Naturally  124 Street, Edmonton, AB
Water Kefir & Sauerkraut Workshop: Saturday afternoon from 3-5:30pm October 22. Location: Purearth Organics, Red Deer AB