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Ferment-A-Month Club

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Next Ferment Club pick-up date is July 26th


Fermented vegetables are an incredible way to add probiotics, more nutrition and a deeper delicious flavour to all your meals (hint: especially good for you when added to unhealthy food for a digestive boost).


To start off the Summer Ferment-A-Month Club, in June we had a Dilly-Carrot-Kraut and nothing but the kraut this month (no pickles), unless you have a dietary restriction or allergy… I suggest the dilly kraut!! Dill weed is a seasonal food known as a cooling digestive herb. Especially if this is your first time eating ferments on a regular, this is a great starter kraut. It also offers a delicious flavour addition to salad, eggs, avocado toast, or on top of boring lentils & rice.


The following 3 months of fermented goods included in your club membership will be utilizing seasonal organic vegetables & local organic herbs. For any dietary restrictions please contact Elaine directly: I will also consider any requests or suggestions to make new & unique fermented recipes for the club!

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Southside: Near Earth’s General Store on Whyte Ave & 96 Street. By appointment pick-up or private door step cooler pick-up available starting near the full moon of every month, dates below…

Downtown: Pure Health 10844 124 Street. Pick-up available near the full moon of every month.



Fermentation club pick-up DOWNTOWN at Pure Health 10844 124 Street.

SOUTHSIDE pick-up off Whyte Ave, private pick-up until further notice. 

1st MONTH: Thursday, June 28th (Full moon in Capricorn: time to find a daily rhythm. Protect your backbone, joints, knees, skin & hair)

2nd MONTH: Thursday, July 26th (Full moon in Aquarius at 20:20, Friday July 27th. Protect your calf, ankle, shin & achilles)

Selections this month are: Purple Caraway Kraut or Dilly Garlic Pickles (Carrots & Cucs). Probiotic Pop flavour is Apple Turmeric-Black Pepper or Apple-Ginger. 


3rd MONTH: Thursday, August 23th (Full moon in Pisces, Sunday Aug 26. Serve or Suffer: “Those who are happiest are those who do more for others.” Protect your feet, toes & pineal gland)

4th & Final MONTH: Tuesday, September 25th (Full moon in Aries. Protect you head, teeth, tongue & arteries)


Ferment Club Membership Packages:


Single & Ready to Mingle: You’re living solo and just need a tid bit of healthy & delicious fermented condiment to add to every meal. This package includes a 1 litre jar of handcrafted kraut or pickles (your choice, depending on the monthly selections) & a 355 ml bottle of Probiotic Pop (flavour depending on monthly selections).

$30/month: Send email transfer to


Thirsty Single: You’re living solo and feeling extra thirsty for more Probiotic Pop. Perhaps you have a fixation to commercial pops and CAN NOT resist the bubbly beverages, but know the sugar will only kill you slowly… This is the package for you to receive a growler full of naturally low-in-sugar probiotic bubbly! This package includes a 1 litre jar of handcrafted local organic kraut or pickles (your choice, depending on the monthly selection) & a 1 litre amber glass growler of Probiotic Pop (flavour depending on monthly selections).

$40/month: Send email transfer to


Ferment the Fam Jam: You will need more kraut to feed the family with ultimate nourishment!

This package includes 2 litres of handcrafted local organic kraut or pickles (your choice, depending on the monthly selections) & a 1 litre growler of Probiotic Pop.

$65/month: Send email transfer to


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