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Ferment-A-Month Club

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Join the club any month all Summer, custom orders available… get your ferment on!


Fermented vegetables are an incredible way to add probiotics, more nutrition and a deeper delicious flavour to all your meals (hint: especially good for you when added to unhealthy food for a digestive boost).


To start off the Summer Ferment-A-Month Club, in June we had a Dilly-Carrot-Kraut and nothing but the kraut this month (no pickles), unless you have a dietary restriction or allergy… I suggest the dilly kraut!! Dill weed is a seasonal food known as a cooling digestive herb. Especially if this is your first time eating ferments on a regular, this is a great starter kraut. It also offers a delicious flavour addition to salad, eggs, avocado toast, or on top of boring lentils & rice.

For July we had Dilly Pickles & Purple Caraway Kraut. With all sorts of Apple Cider Kefir pop.



Zucchini Onion Kraut – This ALL LOCAL & ORGANIC sauerkraut is made with fresh Thyme, zucchini, kale, green & yellow onions, and pink salt of course. It is a delicious condiment that pairs well with anything especially eggs and pasta!  I enjoy it as a dipping kraut on crackers and cheese.

Dilly Carrot Kraut – I made more! I had a custom order after the first month’s recipe was such a hit and I have plenty to spare now! Available in 500ml sizes. Read info above on the virtues of this fermented good. That dill though!

Rhubarb Salsa Kraut – Soft in texture with a tart and tangy taste! The rhubarb is from a friend’s garden, bell peppers are organic as well as the onions & garlic. No spicy chilies were added, we did it for the kids sake 🙂 Only a limited quantity is available for this selection. Pairs well with tacos, nachos.. and anywhere salsa normally goes!

Sauerkraut prices:   500ml $15      1 Litre $25

I was asked last week “why so high”… it’s because of the high price of organic, non-GMO, local produce that I pour into every batch. I also hand craft & chop the vegetables. I am a master fermenter and every step of the fermenting process is calculated… small batch = big love.  I appreciate you supporting my local, small business. 

KEFIR Probiotic POP! This month the kefir pop is Saskatoon Berry Basil Apple Cider! It is beyond delicious and the Saskatoons are LOCAL!!! Picked by my crew at the Happy Acres U-Pick in Spruce Grove. The Basil was also grown fresh by moi on my Tower Garden.

Probiotic POP prices: 355ml $5     1 Litre Growlers $15



Southside: Near Earth’s General Store on Whyte Ave & 96 Street. By appointment pick-up or private door step cooler pick-up available starting near the full moon of every month, dates below…

Downtown: Pure Health 10844 124 Street. Pick-up available near the full moon of every month.





Fermentation club pick-up DOWNTOWN at Pure Health 10844 124 Street.

SOUTHSIDE pick-up off Whyte Ave, private pick-up until further notice. 

1st MONTH: Thursday, June 28th (Full moon in Capricorn: time to find a daily rhythm. Protect your backbone, joints, knees, skin & hair)

2nd MONTH: Thursday, July 26th (Full moon in Aquarius at 20:20, Friday July 27th. Protect your calf, ankle, shin & achilles)  

3rd MONTH: Thursday, August 23th (Full moon in Pisces, Sunday Aug 26. Serve or Suffer: “Those who are happiest are those who do more for others.” Protect your feet, toes & pineal gland)

4th & Final MONTH: Tuesday, September 25th (Full moon in Aries. Protect you head, teeth, tongue & arteries)


Ferment Club Membership Package Options:

CUSTOM ORDERS: Minimum purchase of $30 per monthly pick-up to arrange and package the orders in high quality mason jars, etc.

Send me a list of what you want and I will confirm stock within the day! See ‘Ferments Menu’ above.

Single & Ready to Mingle: You’re living solo and just need a tid bit of healthy & delicious fermented condiment to add to every meal. This package includes a 1 litre jar of handcrafted kraut or pickles (your choice, depending on the monthly selections) & a 355 ml bottle of Probiotic Pop (flavour depending on monthly selections).

$30/month: Send email transfer to


Thirsty Single: You’re living solo and feeling extra thirsty for more Probiotic Pop. Perhaps you have a fixation to commercial pops and CAN NOT resist the bubbly beverages, but know the sugar will only kill you slowly… This is the package for you to receive a growler full of naturally low-in-sugar probiotic bubbly! This package includes a 1 litre jar of handcrafted local organic kraut or pickles (your choice, depending on the monthly selection) & a 1 litre amber glass growler of Probiotic Pop (flavour depending on monthly selections).

$40/month: Send email transfer to


Ferment the Fam Jam: You will need more kraut to feed the family with ultimate nourishment!

This package includes 2 litres of handcrafted local organic kraut or pickles (your choice, depending on the monthly selections) & a 1 litre growler of Probiotic Pop.

$65/month: Send email transfer to


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