GUT Wellness in 6 Weeks

GUT Wellness Introduction WEBINAR Replay Recording

In this webinar I discuss the skeleton of my GUT Wellness program and journey a little bit through the Microbiome of our body; why it’s so important to discover the microorganisms that live among us & how to care for them properly.

For information on product pricing watch video segment #2 below… 

Segment #1: The Microbiome, how it affects our health.


Segment #2: The GUT Wellness course outline, workshop dates and cost to register.


Segment #3: Details of the workshop content, Fermentation, Bone Broth, Juice PLUS & Questions at the end of the webinar.


The GUT Wellness Program Intro & Orientation Class starts…

Thursday November 2nd from 6pm – 8pm

Location: Pure Health Naturally 10844 124 Street

Email for more information on how to register for the GUT Wellness classes and program.