Liver Cleanse

Registration for October’s Liver Cleanse is closed.

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September’s Liver Cleanse group is closed… 21 happy cleansers are cleansed ūüôā¬†

March 2017 Liver Flush Cleanse Group SOLD OUT!

Spring Detox

Constipated? Bloated? Headaches? Puffy? Hormone Issues?

Having trouble losing weight?

Time for a Liver Cleanse!

Cleanse Group Meeting

Sunday, April 9th 2pm- 5pm

7-Day Group Cleanse Program:  April 17th РApril 23rd

Liver/Gallbladder Flush 7-day Detox Kit: Nourishing Bowel Blend, Herbal Bitters & Adaptogen Blend (Liver, Kidney, Adrenal support herbs), natural flush Magnesium salts & olive oil. (Includes product value of $75)

Flush weekend is scheduled before the new moon April 22 & 23; Mama nature’s most gentle time to slow down & go within; schedule your SELF accordingly!! 

7-day cleanse: April 17th РApril 23rd. 

Online support with Clinical Herbalist & detox specialist Elaine Doucette via Facebook private event group; daily posts of liver cleansing foods & recipe demos. 

Healthy snacks & probiotic pop (Kombucha & Water Kefir) served at the meeting.

Detox Guide Book: Step-by-step charts for a successful cleanse experience, including Vegetarian 101: easy tips on how to incorporate a more plant-based diet (7-13 servings of fruit & veg daily to prevent Cancer & Cardiovascular disease) 

Tibetan Rites Demo: Traditionally renowned 15-minute yoga sequence for vibrant health & longevity. Bring YOGA mat!

Upgrade Your Spring Detox with the following ADD-ONs and deals!

Add-on 30-day Juice PLUS kit

-Plant based diet support for more energy, enhanced immunity & bowel, liver, kidney, cellular detox support.  If you have trouble eating 7-13 servings of fruit and veggies daily, this is the best whole food multivitamin for you!

Add-on: Neo-Traditional Food Workshops (Book both here; get a discount)

  1. Water Kefir Making Tuesday, April 11, 5-7pm.  2nd ferments such as apple juice kefir is similar in flavour but better in probiotic content than Kombucha. Learning the art of fermentation will help you to make affordable and nutritious energy drinks at home. Apple juice kefir is recommended to take during the 7-day detox plan. (regular price $30/class, book for 1 class with Pure Health)
  2. Soak, Sprout & Sour¬†Thursday, April 13, 5-7pm. ¬†3 recipe demos & traditional foods education: sour flour muffins, cashew cheese, sprouted bean hummus. Learn some easy vegan food techniques to increase your daily servings of plant based nutrition. Learn the real-deal about ‘Gluten-free’¬†(regular price $30/class, book for 1 class with Pure Health)

Add-on: Iridology Session with Elaine Doucette Cl. H (30 minutes)

-Bowel, liver, kidney, lymphatic & heavy metal stress assessment. Booked at Pure Health Spa & Clinic 10844 124 Street




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