Liver Cleanse

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-Plant based diet support for more energy, enhanced immunity & bowel, liver, kidney, cellular detox support.  If you have trouble eating 7-13 servings of fruit and veggies daily, this is the best whole food multivitamin for you!

Replace your synthetic or whole food multivitamin with the Juice Plus+ real food multi, love it or your money back!! 

Detox Workshop Videos

  1. Water Kefir Making: 2nd ferments such as apple juice kefir is similar in flavour but better in probiotic content than Kombucha. Learning the art of fermentation will help you to make affordable and nutritious energy drinks at home. Apple juice kefir is recommended to take during the 7-day detox plan. 
  2. Soak, Sprout & Sour  Traditional foods 101 – sour your flour, soak your nuts, sprout your beans. Learn some easy vegan food techniques to increase your daily servings of plant based nutrition with healthy alternatives to cheese, desserts, baked goods & the real-deal about ‘Gluten-free’. (Check availability)

Iridology readings available to give more guidance with your liver cleanse experience!


-Bowel, liver, kidney, lymphatic & heavy metal stress assessment.

Booked at Pure Health Spa & Clinic 10844 124 Street




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