All the following items I personally endorse because they are tried and true.

Check out the testimonial page about results from my clients (since 2008) with many of the products available here!


  1. Liver & Gallbladder Flush Kit: Includes Liver Flush 7 day guide and quality sourced items for a graceful flush experience. Contact Elaine Doucette Cl.H with The Herbal Mama to arrange delivery, consult or pick-up. 

  2. Juice PLUS whole food concentrate (The most researched “Multivitamin” in the world)

Learn more about Juice PLUS products and purchasing HERE! Check out the research tab while you are on the site: over 32 published studies!

Juice PLUS gummies are better than gummy bears and 100 times more nutritious! Try them as soon as you can 😉


3. Organo GoldGanoderma lucidium (the only coffee/caffeine I can handle because of the high potency organic Reishi mushroom)

Contact Elaine for a tasting and to purchase Reishi Coffee HERE!




4.  Health Programs & Local Workshops! (Support your local YEG)

Why Detox? 

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