Hello! I’m Elaine …a Clinical Herbalist, Iridologist, detox specialist, traditional food lover & fermentation revivalist dedicated to helping others use traditional food as medicine to heal at the root cause.  My mission is to be a health detective for myself and others and evoke the natural healing process that our body innately has in order to wake-up & feel alive again!

I have a primal passion in helping others re-aquire traditional skills, to re-educate and inspire healthy living methods from the past into our fast-paced modern world.

Just like me, I want everyone to embrace the art of fermentation and healthy bacteria as our health promoting, food preserving and protective friends; to appreciate the magic that our microbiome has and the importance of incorporating natural probiotics into our daily routine! XO

Connect with me

E-mail: theherbalmama@gmail.com

Facebook:  @theherbalmama & Elaine Doucette

Instagram: @theherbalmama

Twitter: @theherbalmama

YouTube: theherbalmama 

Pinterest: theherbalmama

Formally trained and certified by the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies, I received a Diploma in Plant Spirit Medicine (now called “Earth Medicine”).

My areas of focus in college were as follows:

-Herbal practicum with clinical work using Iridology and Biofeedback machine diagnostics, custom herbal formula blending at the apothecary in Earth’s Aromatique (Optimum Health Vitamins circa. 2008-2012)

-Aromatherapy practicum; Making essential oils through steam distillation; Spruce oil & hydrosol, fireweed hydrosol, as well as spearmint oil & hydrosol collection

-Herbal & Aromatherapy thesis on women’s health and hormonal cycles with TCM biological poetry

I currently offer Clinical Herbalist, Iridology & Nutritional consultations, fermentation workshops & cleanse group events online and locally in Edmonton, AB, Canada. 

To book a clinical consultation

 Email me: theherbalmama@gmail.com

Go to the EVENTS page for current WORKSHOPS & YEG local happenings!

My industry alliances stand strong:

  • FES (Flower Essence Society) – Since 2007
  • WAPF (Weston A Price Foundation) – Since 2010
  • WISE (Waldorf Independent Society of Edmonton) – Since 2011
  • NHPPA (Natural Health Products Protection Association) – Since 2008
  • CCHC (Citizens for Choice in Health Care) – Secretary since 2011
  • Northern Star College Alumni – Grad ’08
  • Alberta Farmers’ Market Association – 2016

Blessings to all the herbal mamas’ of the world! Bringing unconditional love to the heart and hearth of every home, helping to inspire a traditional revival of ritual feasting on food medicine, together, with community, we are one.

So much love,

Elaine XO