Damiana & Herbal Smoke Blends

damiana flower
Damiana herb & flower

Damiana herb (Turnera aphrodisiaca), I find very relaxing yet invigorating to smoke. It tastes a bit like incense, but when mixed with other green herbs, it’s a great taste!

Smoking Damiana has been shown effective for weaning off cannabis or tobacco, probably because of it’s mild euphoric effects.

My ‘Herbal Mama’ smoking blend contains Damiana, Mullein, Lungwort, IMG_0686Passion Flower, mugwort, and others… This blend is meant to be smoked as is for a mild euphoria or mixed with tobacco for an instant 50% reduction in your smoking addiction!

An amazing book dedicated to smoking legal herbs for medicinal and pleasure purposes is called: “Happy High Herbs” by Ray Thorpe. I recommend reading his blog, book, and website!

Smoking is a form of clearing, similar to smudging. Mullein and Coltsfoot are herbs that were used traditionally for pulling out toxins and excess moisture in the lungs and also as a lung protective.

I have known people to try teas, tinctures and pills to clear congestion with no result; until they smoke a mullein pipe and finally cough up that ball of “stuff”!!

Happy smoking, and smoke responsibly!

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