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DETOX CLASS is scheduled for January 28, 7pm-8pm by ZOOM call.   Get the links here. 


2018 Detox Classes…

April 23  1 – 3pm Iridology ‘Detox Type’ reading

20 minutes for $20

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April 30th 6 – 8pm Free Detox Class, Pure Health 124 Street

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DETOX 101 – Feast & Ferments Workshop

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 6pm- 8:30pm

Location: Pure Health 10844 124 Street   780-488-7378


  • Nourishing meal made of anti-inflammatory foods and spices + all you can eat fermented condiments!
  • Detoxification education + fun tips & tools for daily at-home detox strategies
  • Detoxification Guidebook: With upgraded “Elimination Diet” rules, Anti-Inflammatory foods list developed by Clinical Herbalist Elaine Doucette, doing detox classes since 2012.
  • Fermentation demo: Beet Kvass & Coconut Water Kefir (Take home the recipes + probiotic tonics)
  • Guided group meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza, leading neuroscientist from the movie: “What the Bleep Do We Know” (recording, 20 minutes)
  • Fermented food available to sample and purchase at a discount from The Herbal Mama, AB Farmers’ Market approved vendor, since 2016.
  • More goodies to take home from my community of Farmers’ Market vendors & health experts xoxo

Workshop Ticket Sales have ended at noon Tuesday Nov 6th. See you next time 🙂 

Investment: $44 per person

Herbal detox tea + tonics available at workshop!


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Real Food ‘Multivitamin’ Juice PLUS+

Gut Health   |   Weightloss   |   Glowing Skin   |   Raw Food   |   Immunity   |   Kid’s Free   |   Gummies   |   Protein Shakes 

Juice Plus+ is a family owned company that knows a plant based diet will support more energy, enhanced immunity & bowel, liver, kidney, cellular detox support.  If you’re like everybody else who has trouble eating 7-13 servings of fruit and vegetables daily, this is the best real food ‘multivitamin’ that I know of as a Clinical Herbalist.  What “gets me” is the 32 + clinical studies on this simple product. These studies report that it will take only 4 months to clean up your blood, reduce inflammation, and balance blood sugar from consuming Juice PLUS+ capsules!! 

The protein bars & shakes are excellent too! Clean, vegan, gluten free, nut free, probiotic rich & fibre full!

Online pricing:

Detox 101 Recipe Demos:

Available at the Workshop or on the Facebook online group!

-Water Kefir Making: 2nd ferments such as apple juice kefir are similar in flavour but better in probiotic content than Kombucha.

Learning the art of fermentation will help you to make affordable and nutritious energy drinks at home. Apple Juice Kefir or Coconut Water Kefir is recommended to consume daily during any detox plan.

-Soak, Sprout & Sour  Traditional foods 101 – Sour your flour, soak your nuts, sprout your beans.

These recipes will be included in the private Detox 101 group. Vegan food techniques to increase your daily servings of plant-based nutrition with healthy alternatives to cheese, desserts, baked goods & the real-deal about ‘Gluten-free’.

Iridology Reading

Extra Guidance with a Seasonal Detox


Learn more about: Your stomach, bowels, liver, kidneys, adrenals, thyroid, toxins, inflammation, collagen structure, immunity, lymphatics & possible heavy metal stress.

Book with: Pure Health Spa & Clinic 10844 124 Street

Email:             Call: 780-488-7873

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