Festive Fermented Salsa-Kraut


red bellsI made this festive salsa-kraut for a Health Fair and Fundraiser event (raising funds for the Edmonton Food Bank’s Tower Garden project) where I did the quickest 30 minute fermentation demo ever!  I just speedy-chopped the veggies while I talked about the virtues of probiotic, enzyme and nutrient rich ferments… the demise of the industrialized food movement upon our food, and how friggin easy it is to make this stuff!

Nerd alert!!! Did you know???  A study in the Journal of Agricultural Food IMG_0994Chemistry reported, the organophosphate insecticide Chlorpyrifos degraded rapidly during kimchi fermentation, and was over 83 percent degraded by day 3. By day 9, it was degraded completely. That means fermentation has been shown to eat up and eliminate a toxic pesticide.  Dr. Mercola speculates that eating fermented foods may help to eat up the pesticides in your gut!  I believe it, totally makes sense to me.

The tasting went over very well, to the point of having many offers to buy all my display jars full of kraut!  I will have to make more for next time. One father walked up and asked for more samples, but it was all gone!  His daughter ate his entire plate full of chips and salsa-kraut!

I LOVE THE IDEA OF FERMENTED SALSAS!!!  For the rich and over-eatin’ holidaze this is the perfect condiment to bring nutritional balance and it is so easy, anyone can do this!  NO need for complicated canning equipment… It isIMG_0992 recommended to have a crusher bat, pestle, pounder, but I know people that massage it, smother it in water and let it sit, perhaps a little longer on the shelf to ferment before its ready, there are many techniques, so re-wild yourself and JUMP-IN!.

If you still don’t think it’s easy, then take a fermenting class, preferably with me in Edmonton.  In 2016 I will be hosting at least one per month… with unique recipes every time!!!  I am doing YouTube videos and periscope classes in January… Stay tuned my friends!

To read my unique and satisfying recipe, just click on the link to view a PDF file!  Yippee, enjoy the good health!

Red Bell Salsa Kraut

This is what it should look like only bigger!

Red Bell Salsa Kraut


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