Purple Kraut

The MOST popular ferment of them all is definitely the Purple Kraut. Yes, it is made of red cabbage, but it has loads of purple pigments that offers so much nourishment & nutrition!

Polyphenols (starts with a ‘P’ much like purple 😉 ) are loaded in many plants with dark pigments, dark green like rosemary, oregano & thyme. Dark purples & burgundy as in red wine, açai, beets & red/purple cabbage!

Fermentation enhances all the nutrients in any of the plants used to ferment, that’s called alchemy, kinda magical huh? One study shows that 1 cup of raw red cabbage offers 60 mg of Vitamin C, 1 cup of fermented red cabbage aka purple kraut offers 600 mg of Vitamin C. And that is only 1 out of the 10,000+ nutrients of that 1 plant.

I also add caraway seed to the Purple Kraut; from an ancient recipe in the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

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  1. Does cooked cabbage feed beneficial bacteria inside the body? I like to eat dishes with cooked cabbage it’s really delicious, Also whenever i eat sweets i drink kombucha right after, i heard that by eating the sugar they replicate but i don’t know if they can process all the sugar i ate before drinking the kombucha.

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