Slow Cooker Rules

The colder season in Alberta (half the year) is a great time to use a slow-cooker… in my kitchen bone broth and root tonic teas are in my crock pot around the clock. Slow food made convenient is a trully nourishing way to live. If you’ve ever wondered how to use your fandangled slow cooker more or just need some added inspiration to get er’ done, the following information is golden…

“The slow-cooker offers the home cook a way of making “fast food.” While it may cook slowly, it has a fix-it-and-forget-it feature that other cooking techniques can’t match. Once your ingredients are in the cooker, there is no stirring, no fussing, no additional attention necessary until your dish is ready for the table. This feature can be appreciated by the nine-to-five executive, busy stay-at-home mom, retiree and college student alike—really anyone who desires to eat nutritious meals with a dash of convenience. No matter the dish—breakfast, beverage, lunch, dinner, snack, dip or dessert—once you get friendly with your slow-cooker, it will become your most prized appliance.” 


For more information about how to use a slow cooker for the most nourishing family meals, download this free PDF from www.westonapricefoundation.org

slow cooker rules pdf


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