Spring Cleaning

The Art of Less ~ 4 Tips to Tidyness ~ Featuring Diosa Cleaning

Let’s face it people, we are buried in stuff. It’s supposed to be your sanctuary yet you are avoiding parts of your home like it’s going to make eye contact and petulantly demand, ‘where have you been for the last 6 months?’ This is more than mildly annoying, studies show it affects our moods and also our brains ability to process information, thus dropping productivity as well.

But… before you shove more things into that closet and hide under your comforter in anxiety, check out these 4 reasons to help you to be more motivated for springtime decluttering ASAP!

1) You’ll have more FUN! Getting organized now means no delay in getting to the festival or lake this summer because YOU can find your keys and favourite sandals in record time.

Tip: Place similar items together. Example: All flip flops & sandals in a basket by the door


2) You’ll look more VIBRANT! Throwing out expired makeup/personal care products, and clothes that no longer fit or are damaged will give you a more polished look for an instant makeover and glowing skin.

Tip: Donating gently used items to a great cause like Salvation Army makes you a community super hero and you get a discount on clothes that would have cluttered the landfills. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/sep/27/washing-clothes-releases-water-polluting-fibres-study-finds


3) Improved HEALTH! Less stuff means less stress and fewer things for dust to accumulate on, and that means better air quality.

Tip: If it’s not being used, get rid of it or store it properly (there’s many stylish storage containers to suit any taste) to prevent dust mites and spiders as excessive roommates.


4) NEW Stuff! Ok, so it’s not technically new, but you haven’t seen those sassy earrings since that concert last November, your best shorts since that scorching September festival or the ice cream scoop that fell behind the fridge last August that’s going to come in handy very soon.

Tip: Assign a ‘home’ for items. Example: a decorative bowl for keys, sunglasses and spare change


Alright! Now that you’re excited over the positive returns, time to get started!

Whew! Ok, you’ve assessed, decluttered and organized so now it is time to actually clean…wait! You’re tired, (from super-powering through your stuff) so book a Diosa Cleaning to scrub the dirt and dust from out of those corners, while you relax and enjoy your ‘new’ found items and greater sense of space.

Happy Spring!

Amanda Turple, guest blogger, CEO of Diosa Cleaning YEG.


Also a yet to be published historical fiction author! Her wit & writing skills are apparent in this article. Her & I will be collaborating more in the future with articles & videos about cleaning… inside AND outside of our Temples!

Stay tuned for more home & self care information from a couple of passionate Mamas! Go to the events tab to see our latest workshops & pop-ups!

xoxo Elaine Doucette Cl.H. Clinical Herbalist, Iridologist, Fermentation Revivalist, The Herbal Mama CEO

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