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The Nature of Flower Essences & Homeopathic Medicine

Flower essence remedies and homeopathic medicines are incredibly similar in action.   They are non-toxic, subtle and powerful herbal dilutions that can be used safely by any human, animal or plant at any stage of life to promote balance and well-being.

Like homeopathic medicine, flower essences are vibrational in nature. They are diluted forms of herbal substances that contain the specific energy patterns of each flower or plant. The impact of healing is not a bio-chemical influence on the body; instead they work on the human electrical energy fields which influence mental, emotional and physical healing.


The key difference can be summarized as follows; flower essences work with the emotions, thoughts and behavioral patterns to allow a balanced state of mental and physical well-being. Homeopathics work conjunct with physical and mental symptoms to alleviate acute to chronic conditions. They guide the body to a homeostasis expression by emphasizing inherit natural wisdom in how to respond to disruptive environments, re-creating a healthy balanced state.

  1. The method of healing: Flower essences’ influence of action is compared to the emotional effects of hearing an inspiring song, or standing on top of a mountain to see the beauty of earth. Light and sound waves provoke feelings which indirectly affect our breathing as well as many other physical states in the body.       The resonance of the song is like the resonance of the flower essence influencing our senses and emotions. Flower essences are used for immediate relief from emotional trauma and stress to produce deep physical healing. Homeopathics will have a very similar action on a resonant level in treating physical ailments.   The theory ‘Like cures like’ is the basis of homeopathic medicine and states simply that similar natured elements can reverse each other. For example in a whole physical form coffee will affect a person by stimulating the adrenals and nervous system making a person edgy and alert. The homeopathic dilution of coffee (coffea cruda) can alleviate similar hyper-nervous symptoms such as anxiety and/or nervous insomnia.   Homeopathics can be used for immediate relief in acute conditions and used for a longer duration to heal chronic physical ailments.relax-and-be-patient
  2. The form in which they are extracted: Flower essences are flowers infused from the sun in a crystal bowl of pristine water. The mother essence forms as a concentrated layer of flower blossom water which rests on the top. This is collected then diluted, shaken with intention and preserved with brandy to provide the final healing blend. Environmental conditions are considered from the state of mind of the medicine maker to the biodynamics of the plants. Homeopathics are made initially as herbal tinctures. The mother tincture is made with alcohol and diluted at a 1:10 ratio with water and shaken or “succussed” for every step of dilution. The more diluted the more vibrational in nature promoting deeper cellular healing.       The term “CH” that you see on the remedies states the number of 1:100 ratio dilution series.pretty-love
  3. The method of use: Flower essences are most commonly used orally from a dropper bottle or spray, under the tongue or in a bit of water.       Consistency is very important.       The potency is increased by the frequency of dose.   Up to four times daily and over a 28 day cycle or longer. Sensitive individuals can typically use less. The best time for taking essences is the first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Planting the seed around the subconscious dream state is important for shifting behaviours and patterns. Homeopathic medicine is most commonly used orally in drops or pellets under the tongue or in a small amount of water. Again it is important to treat acute symptoms with a small dose every 20 minutes for a total of 6 doses to get results. To treat more chronic issues, the dose needs to be consistently taken every day, 2-4 times daily for a 28 day cycle or longer depending on how long the issues have been lingering.

What is the Essence of a flower? Essence is defined in the dictionary as: “the most important ingredient; the crucial element” or “the indispensable property that defines something”. The Flower Essence Society textbook states, “flower essences are highly effective and non-toxic herbal preparations that address core issues of wellness-especially emotions, stress, mental attitudes, spiritual attitudes and life values.” Flower essence therapy is nature’s psychotherapy: The intention to heal combined with a flower essence remedy can give the body and mind wisdom to assist in spiritual growth and physical well-being. If you can change your mind, you may change your life.



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