Why Detox?

Do you feel the call of a seasonal cleanse?  I sure do… dare I say: “Nature calls!”

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Springtime is the time to release the cold Winter Yin (phlegm, fat and all things lazy ‘old man winter’) and start harvesting the transition into Spring and building Summer Yang.


The liver holds the greatest burden during Springtime transition…The liver plays many roles in the body including; digestion, detoxification, hormone balancing.  It is no wonder that when we start introducing liver happy herbs and foods that our bellies feel lighter, skin starts glowing and mood improves!


 The Herbal Mama Spring Cleanse programs are guided by experts and supportive with plant medicine specific to the liver, kidneys, bowels and adrenals.

Over the years as a health consultant I have tried, what seems like, every ‘Cleanse’ or ‘Detox’ under the sun; I really liked many of them but have always felt left with the same fallback lifestyle.  Until I discovered an easier way; inherit a wholesomely clean diet full of herbs as well as properly prepared and sourced foods; I also discovered eating with the seasons according to the beautiful and poetic TCM principles.

lemonherboilI have designed a few cleanse groups in the past and have experienced some great results, many of the other ‘cleansers’ have been repeat customers and appreciate the take home lifestyle principles and kitchen education that I preach teach.


Here is a testimonial from a Cleanse Group in 2012:

“Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to every session she leads. The month long cleanse I just completed was done in a gentle, caring and thorough manner. Unlike past cleanses I have done, this one left me with a lot more new dietary changes I will stick with and recipes I can use regularly. By the end of the month I felt more energetic all day long and my entire digestive system was simply working better. Thanks Elaine!”  -Stan G.


A gentle detox will start off with dietary eliminations, including alternate recipes for all the favourite’s… (example: refreshing kefir juice instead of alcohol or pop).  Many of these ‘food breaks’ or eliminations will allow your body to start slowly releasing winter fat and toxins.  After the elimination phase we will examine healthy alternatives, simple recipes to satisfy cravings. This detox approach designed to program your approach and perspective about what we eat.


Our bodies thrive on variety; we demand simplicity.

Simplicity is the key for me to nourish myself and my family!  I have had years of practice; being a nutritionist, herbalist and food enthusiast (foodie!); to develop many fast food recipes that are both delicious and nutritious! avokraut

Many of my tried and true recipes will be offered as snacks during Cleanse Group meetings!

beet kvassThis wholesome level of eating is not going to break your back or your wallet!

I am super-thrifty with spending money, so I have lists of all the best deals on food in Edmonton; farmer contacts and company names that I trust for quality and pricing!  Another trick I have learned is the lentil, veg, ferments and rice diet to shed the fat and pinch the budget! I have yummy recipes for that too!

Beyond looking at cleansing-wholesome-foods and prep (a large topic in itself)… included is a herbal detox kit (value $75):

  1. Herbal tincture blend for a happy liver
  2. Nourishing fiber for a happy bowel
  3. Other products to target liver flushing
  4. Detox guide book for success; including supplement recommendations and easy health recipes!
  5. Educational charts on TCM basics and the art of herbs and foods as medicine

tcm clock



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Elaine Doucette Cl.H Clinical Herbalist, Iridologist, Fermentation Revivalist, Detox Specialist. Elaine has been practicing traditional herbal medicine and nutrition for over 15 years and would like to pass on all the nourishing tidbits that she has gathered over the years. Good food to nourish the neighbourhood; healthy herbs to heal all!

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